Monthly Archives: July 2011

Grant- 9 months

Grant is 9 months old and such a fun baby boy!  He has mastered a pretty fast crawl and pulling up.  Taste-testing everything (as you’ll see below) was also high on his list of favorite things to do.  I love that about this age!  I took over a new prop to try out– the white…

Caroline’s baptism

Here’s another familiar face!  Baby Caroline was baptized on Sunday, and tons of her extended family came in town for the joyous occasion.  Elizabeth asked me to capture all of their loved ones.

Maggie- 6 months

It is so fun to photograph a baby more than once and see how she changes in the matter of a couple months.  Samantha asked me to come over because Maggie was just starting to get the hang of pushing up, and she was sure we could grab some great pictures.  Maggie was more interested…