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Sloane: 3 months | Nashville child photographer

You may remember Sloane from a few months ago as a beautiful newborn (see here).  We met up yesterday to capture some 3 month old photos.  Though she technically has a few days left until she is officially that old, Sloane was a pro showing off her milestones!  Her neck strength, cooing/laughing, and interacting were…

Mindy and Barry expecting Sawyer

Before I got into photography, I used to teach 4th grade here in Franklin.  It was a really wonderful job and school, and I was lucky to have some pretty fabulous co-workers, including Mindy.  We taught 4th grade together for a couple years before I opted to stay home with Matthew.  She and Barry are…

Being in Business

I’ve been officially “in business” (meaning I got my legal ducks in a row and launched a website) for just under a year.  It has been a fascinating process.  I read this article today, and it really rang true for me.  I wanted to share some of the points from it and give my perspective….

Clark is 5!

Yesterday, Clark celebrated his 5th birthday with family and friends at Prairie Life, a gym in Cool Springs.  Let me tell you– that was a great party for this age!  An employee led games for the kids, and they had the best time.  In the photos below, you’ll see a glimpse of the various activities–…