Super Sophie | Nashville child photographer

Super Sophie came by the studio a couple weeks ago, and we had such a fun time making her feel special.  Her mama had picked up some gorgeous new outfits from The Little Cottage in Franklin.  Sophie’s little brother came along, too, so we included him in the session as well.  This first image was actually one of my last shots.  We had essentially finished up, when I really took notice of Sophie’s curls.  The family had been in the studio for 30 minutes, but something about the way the light caught her hair at that moment made me stop.  I wanted a soft profile image with the light shining on the curls.  It’s funny how inspiration hits and I have to figure out how to make my mental image happen.   I had Sophie’s mama stand across from her and say silly things, thus the natural laughing smile seen here.  Sophie has since started chemo, and I know that they would covet your prayers.

A special grandmother session | Franklin TN family photographer

The grandmother of a regular client of mine emailed me a couple months ago expressing interest in doing a special session with her oldest granddaughter.  This kind of thing makes a photographer’s heart go pitter-patter!  I love that she wanted to capture their relationship.  One of the things she suggested was that they bring a book and read it together, so we did just that at the start of the session.  Making sure you take photos with your loved ones is so important, and I’m glad they asked me to do this for them.

Gorgeous outdoor Franklin Tn maternity session

I loved getting to meet up with this couple expecting their first baby later this year!  They were so easy-going and really seemed to enjoy the process.  They also brought along a tiny pair of shoes for their little guy and requested a photo with them.  We went to one of my favorite spots in Franklin that has so many awesome textures– boardwalk/bridge, old fencing, tall grass, lots of trees, etc.  This session was shot in the evening, but there are tons of similar spots here that I can also use with morning light.

C family | Franklin family photographer

If I could bottle up the energy and happiness in Parker’s face, I’d be a rich woman.  When working with 2 year olds (or almost-2 year olds), I know that I probably won’t be able to get the child to sit still for a specific posed portrait.  I’m a mom of two boys and I teach a 2 year old Bible study class– I’m realistic.  That means lots of thinking on my feet and being flexible… and a fast shutter speed.  I do try to warn parents that sessions with 2 year olds can be hard (this one was not that case) because children that age can’t be reasoned with yet.  They don’t understand the idea of a bribe of a treat after a session (or even in a few minutes).  Staying calm and moving is the key.  If you as the parent can maintain your cool and not let a little misbehavior or wiggliness get under your skin, then we are way more likely to succeed.

Downtown Franklin TN family session II

I thought it would be good to show more, so here’s a downtown Franklin family session from last year with a trio of boys.  These columns are one of my favorite spots to stop with kids!

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