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Being in Business

I’ve been officially “in business” (meaning I got my legal ducks in a row and launched a website) for just under a year.  It has been a fascinating process.  I read this article today, and it really rang true for me.  I wanted to share some of the points from it and give my perspective….


I’m beginning to think I might need to start a “pets” category around here!  How fun.  Today, I had a photo shoot with Frankie (and his lovely owners, Joe and Jessica).  We ventured to a park, where we let Frankie wear himself out sniffing around and running before we tried to take too many photos. …

Miles and Orvis

I should start by saying that I’ve never had a dog.  In fact, they kind of made me nervous as a child.  Over the years, I’ve gotten over this and wished that I had had one of those canine companions growing up.  Fast forward to my recent photo shoot of two… (you guessed it…) dogs. …